No longer tucked away behind a towering wall of olive oil, Manzo, Eataly Flatiron’s temple to all things meat is now on full display thanks to a complete overhaul of the interior.

Grab a seat on the banquet that runs the length of the right side of the dining room for the best people watching spot in the store. Perched here with a plate of agnolotti and sipping one of their new vermouth-based cocktails has all the makings of a great afternoon.

Fitz Tallon took over the kitchen at Manzo over six years ago, not long after its opening. Though rather unassuming in demeanor, he has been a pivotal force in shaping the restaurant into what it is today. He takes great care in sourcing the ingredients from the best local producers and farmers and is particularly proud of the testa from Raven and Boar farms in New York’s Hudson Valley region.

What’s left is a space deserving of what has always been found inside—a remarkable meat-centric menu, thoughtfully crafted by someone who still has a reverence for cooking.

New room, same heart. 

Photography by Angelo Trani

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