Scarfes Bar

Located in the uber-posh Rosewood Hotel in Holborn, the vibe inside Scarfes Bar is that of a spacious, old-school gentleman’s cigar lounge— thankfully, minus the cigars. The walls are adorned with satirical paintings by its namesake, artist and caricaturist Gerald Scarfe, which lighten the mood without overdoing it. Its deep armchairs and floor-to-ceiling shelves lined with carefully-selected antique books create an atmosphere of classic luxury, yet it still feels new and relevant.

Who to take: your in-laws for a scotch by the fireplace, or that random date you’re not sure you should be out with for a glass of Ruinart at the bar. Both parties will be equally impressed.

The Rosewood Hotel

252 High Holborn, London

WCIV7EN, United Kingdom

Photos courtesy of Scarfes Bar, the Rosewood Hotel.

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